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YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google.

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. That is a large number of individuals. If you haven't begun to priorities YouTube SEO, you're missing out on a MASSIVE opportunity to build and expand your online business.


Here are some fascinating facts about YouTube:


Do you want greater rankings for your YouTube videos in 2022? In this post, I will explain the most effective YouTube SEO strategies so that you may swiftly rank your videos. So, what are you anticipating? Let's get going.


How to Quickly Rank YouTube Videos in 2022?


  1. Increase the length of time viewers spend viewing your videos.


Whether or not you are aware of it, video view time is one of YouTube's most influential ranking variables.


Video watch time is the amount of time individuals spend viewing your videos. It is comparable to the stay time of a webpage. The longer your audience spends reading your information, the better your YouTube video's SEO will be.


YouTube prioritises search and discovery for videos that increase view duration on the platform, according the YouTube Creator Playbook.


YouTube is more likely to promote your channel via search and recommended videos if more time is spent viewing your videos, which may result in more leads, traffic, views, and purchases.


  1. Make sure your introduction is engaging.


If you can capture the attention of your audience and viewers in less than 10 to 15 seconds, the opening 10 to 15 seconds of your video should be captivating.


The majority of people will watch the whole video if the beginning is captivating. This is another method for increasing video watching duration.


  1. Create an innovative video outline.


One of the reasons why certain YouTube videos consistently get a large number of views is because their video descriptions are so detailed. Utilize a tried-and-true framework to define your video material so that it is entertaining from beginning to end.


It not only enhances interaction, but also the time your visitors spend viewing your movies.


  1. Make your videos longer


According to an analysis of YouTube ranking variables, longer (15-minute) videos score better in YouTube searches than shorter ones. Look into it. As seen by the preceding example, if your YouTube video is longer than 15 minutes, its rating will increase. That concludes the discussion.


4. Create smart playlists


Did you know that by making intelligent video playlists, you may greatly boost your video viewing time?


Suppose, for instance, that someone searches for something on YouTube and then views a sequence of videos, of which yours is the first. Every video in that series (whether yours or someone else's) that is seen will count against the YouTube session viewing time for that material.


I hope you appreciate the importance of making more successful playlists.


  1. Determine what works good for you, then repeat it.


To examine your best-performing and most-watched YouTube videos, go to your YouTube Studio and click on "Interest Viewers," then "Top Videos."


Once you've established what works well for your YouTube channel, it's simple to make comparable videos to build more buzz, attract more traffic, and broaden your video's reach.


It is essential to establish a brand for your channel.


If there is one thing to keep in mind while doing YouTube video SEO, it is to develop a brand as opposed to another YouTube channel.


Concentrate your material.


Make rabid fans


Fans and subscribers are one of the easiest methods to expand your YouTube channel, since they often like, comment, and share your videos.


Here are a few suggestions for improving video interaction and attracting rabid YouTube subscribers.


Increase the amount of comments on your videos by consistently encouraging visitors to post comments. Asking people really intriguing questions concerning the video's subject matter is one method for eliciting feedback.


Subscribers: At the conclusion of your videos, request that viewers subscribe to your channel (if possible, in between your videos).


Encourage your viewers to share your videos so that you get more views on your YouTube channel and more subscribers, which is beneficial for promoting your YouTube videos.


Obtain as many likes and dislikes as possible, since they are seen as an engagement measure; hence, the greater the number, the better the engagement, which will result in a higher ranking.


Give your YouTube channel personality.


Here are some ways to give your YouTube channel an immediate identity.


Develop a unique and attractive logo (so your fans and subscribers can easily recognise the videos coming from your channel).


Include a picture in your profile. Use only arbitrary pictures. It is preferred if you can use or alter your photographs into something unique.


Integrate your channel with your social media profiles.


If you have a YouTube-related blog (or if you don't, create one), link to it as often as possible.


Create a main keyword


Google and YouTube both work similarly as search engines. When ranking a piece of content (either an article or a video) on their search engines, they examine a variety of elements. And keywords are essential in this situation.


The majority of YouTube video marketers pay little attention to keywords. This is the reason why their videos acquire less views.


Here are some of the most effective YouTube SEO techniques to help you maximise the impact of your videos.


Include a major keyword in your title. The bulk of traffic is generated by long-tail keywords. Rather of trying to rank for a broad phrase like "SEO," you may earn greater ranks on YouTube by employing a keyword like "SEO advice for New York agencies."


Utilize keyword suggestion tools such as Semrush to develop keyword suggestions. You can utilise free keyword research tools like Google's Keyword Planner, but they will not provide any possible keywords. Here, premium SEO tools such as Semrush may assist you in discovering the most effective keywords to attract more viewers to your YouTube videos.


Consider your competition while doing keyword research for YouTube videos. Determine who already ranks on the top page of Google for your desired phrase. Determine why they appear on the top page of search engine results. Determine the average duration of their videos. This easy analysis can assist you in creating videos that will help your internet company expand.


  1. Learn how to optimise videos on YouTube.


If you've subscribed to the Bloggers Passion YouTube channel (if you haven't, please do so since we'll mostly be discussing SEO, generating money, and blogging-related issues), you'll have noticed that our videos are optimised for both search engine crawlers and humans.


If you want your YouTube videos to rank higher, pay attention to the following three criteria.


  • Title
  • Your video's meta description and tags are also important.
  • Tags


A video's meta description on YouTube


Like the title, the meta description (the description of your video) plays a significant impact in the YouTube organic results. Ensure that you spend sufficient time developing the ideal description for your videos.


In your meta description, provide links to particular pages (on your website or product pages). Place them towards the beginning of your description so that visitors can determine quickly where to proceed after seeing your YouTube videos.


Keywords for Videos:


Most individuals do not add keywords to their videos. If you want your YouTube videos to rank better in search results, you need pay close attention to their video tags.


Instead of using arbitrary tags, employ tags that are particular to your videos. For instance, if your videos are about SEO suggestions, you may include tags such as "SEO tips,""search engine optimization,""how to improve YouTube ranks," etc.


There is no rule of thumb for how many tags should be used in a video, however for better YouTube SEO, use 5 to 10 tags.


5. Examine the channels of your competition


Competitor analysis is one of the most straightforward YouTube SEO best practises for achieving better results and discovering PROVEN viral video concepts.


Create a list of at least 10 to 20 YouTube channels of your rivals in order to examine how you might generate better content ideas for your channel.


Here are two convincing reasons to check the YouTube channels of your rivals.


You might examine the terms they are emphasising.


You can quickly find out what kinds of videos they produce.


Let's quickly review the aforementioned aspects to comprehend the significance of competition research and how to apply it as one of the greatest video marketing ideas for online growth in 2022 and beyond.


Enhance your YouTube video statistics


Here are some of the most significant YouTube video metrics for optimising your videos.


  • Normal duration (also referred to as watch time)
  • The amount of feedback on your video.
  • The amount of favorability your video gets.
  • The number of times that your video has been shared on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • The number of times your video has been embedded (through the tag embed >) on other websites.
  • The number of individuals that become subscribers after seeing a certain video.


  1. Focus on YouTube video keyword phrases.


YouTube professionals use as one of their sophisticated video marketing strategies the optimization of video keywords. Ranking your video on YouTube is beneficial, but ranking it on both YouTube and Google is optimal.


  1. Request that your films be embedded on the websites of other parties.


Obtaining connections from other websites is one of the lesser-known strategies for expanding the organic reach of YouTube videos. The most effective method for achieving this objective is to encourage more people to embed your YouTube videos on their websites.